Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ladies of the paper, pen and glue ~ I present to you my latest in crafty goodness.
This weekend at work I was presented with this item.
My directive - To alter it and use a Halloween line (the "underdog" as it was called) in order to promote it.

Immediately I thought of tombstones. But when I returned back to my crop table, my hands and arms went to work - much like Edward Scissorhands - and the end result was quite different, below:

Ooooh. Notice how scaaary it appears when upshot like that. I think Jon D. and Nichole will stand up and applaud this. Feel free to comment on that below (cough, cough, hint, hint)

Up close and personal:

Right now there is a lot of ribbon and yarn throughout the store. I wanted customers to start thinking outside the box and go beyond the paper and the brads for embellishments. So I created a sort of "message board". I used paper from the different lines to mat and frame the pictures. I loved the "hairy" yarn on the top and mat of the picures.

Notice also how I tore the edges (perfect for my sloppy technique) of the background paper and rolled it back to reveal pictures peeking out.

The pictures by the way are from over 2 years ago. My older digital camera had a screen that could flip around - so the subject could see themself through the photographer's point of view. This explains why Shayna is looking off-center at times. She's actually "posing". I must have taken several dozen of these. I was psyched to find them because they fit perfect into the theme. On my printer setting, I discovered "Contact Sheet" which printed them into thumbnail size. Perfect!

Yes, that's a meat cleaver. Someone at my crop table that night happened to have this left over from a receipe card of all things! I thought it went perfectly with the pictures.

Other embellishments include my Cat's Eye inks - purple, white and black. I don't leave home without 'em! Black buttons, yellow scrap floss, and other little goodies throughout. Click on pics to enlarge.

Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Challenge (aka the Winner) hahahaha

I rose to Nichole's so-called challenge.

See it here.