Thursday, January 31, 2008


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Hey ladies!

This is the second layout I started at the crop two weeks ago and finished about 4 days ago. It's been waiting for me to photograph it this whole time.

At the crop I basically had enough time and energy to mat the photo, cut all my paper pieces out (which took a while with the math and measuring, YUCK), and sorta adhere them to the page. At home I added the final touches - rubons, labels, stitched rubons, title, etc.

I even used my black zig to draw a couple of lines around the whole thing to make it pop. POP!

I knew from day one I'd use this photo with these papers. This is by far one of my favorite pictures of E.

Oh, I used Basic Gray's mellow line for all the patterned papers and rub-ons, a noteworthy journalling paper from making memories, a few tags from Scenic Route, chipboard leaf is also Basic Gray mellow, blue cloud fabric paper by Love, Elsie, annnnnnnnnnd the chipboard title is from...gosh I can't remember.

To see another view, click here. Or here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Punky boy

Alright ladies, check 'em out! These 2 creations I did last week, and I am just getting around to posting about them now. I was hoping to do some scrapping this week, before the Disney trip, but I got taken out by the stomach bug and got nothing done this week! I hope you enjoy these creations and hope they will hold you all over until I get back from my beautiful sunny vacation!!!

OK, to be honest, I didn't do too much with either of these LO. I loved the paper soooo much, and didn't want to take away from that.
This first one is paper from Creative Imaginations. Of course I bought it at The Dream :). In fact, I apparently loved the paper so much I bought it twice without remembering that I had already bought it! Anyway, the picture is from my baby's third birthday photo session. I just used some photo corner chipboard, added a little glitter, and bam! Then I used the Creative Cafe lined paper over 2 chipboard hearts to put some journaling on. Then a flower over the decor on the paper just to add some pizzaz. And viola!

For this next LO, I used We R Memory Keepers paper, thickers letters, and a rub on by Bohemia. Again, I loved the paper so much That I didn't really want to add much to it. This is another picture from his third b-day. I didn't mat the picture, but instead went around it with a brown marker. Can't really see that too well in the picture, but it does add a subtle "matting". My title is "Punky" and again, I went around the letters with a brown marker just to bring the lettering out a little bit. Then I did my journaling on the lines right under the title. On the picture I put the number 3 and took my marker and 'doodled' on it to make it pop. The last thing I added was a rub on that says "boy" by Bohemia - (one of my faves - BTW) I really liked the way the second one came out. Wish I put a little more thought into the first one, but time to move on.

Alright ladies, I bid you all farewell! I am sure I will be posting lots of those "dreaded" Disney LO when I get back! Until then, happy Scrapping!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's get it started in HERE, let's get it started and...

Woop! Woop! Well would you look at our design team? Fancy, schmancy!

I LOVE everyone's additions. I wish we could have a lock in crop night.

Last night I actually finished my first page in quite a while. The paper comes from none other than the DREAM. Yup-yup. Went to the yard sale and got me some FIERCE findings. This was from Laurie's stash. I couldn't WAIT to break out the snowmen.

Used the coordinating paper to matte the pics. And some left-over tinsel from the Halloween line. For the snowy effect you see. And then I had these little pins and didn't know what to do with them. Until I found these little words - thanks to Nichole P. She always was thinking outside the box. So you notice the little things like "flirt". Not that I'm ever at a loss for words, but it's fun fixing the layout with premade stuff.
What else...oh! Target carries lots of $1 scrappy stuff. So the "LOVE" words were arranged to look as if the snowmen are holding them, banner style. But they are individual words, ladies. Believe it.
Finally, the bling. I don't leave home without it.

'n JOY!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"gettin' sketchy"

Hey ladies!!
Nichole, you had mentioned gettin' sketchy ( ) a while ago. I really enjoyed reading the blog and thought I would give this months' challenge a go. Here it is...

I left the journaling area blank for now. I tried a bunch of different things in that area, and nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to. My brother is in love with the LO - of course because it's of him and his daughter, so I may just leave it as is and let him and my SIL do the journaling.

This next LO I started that The Dream and finished tonight. It's of my In-Laws. My MIL was asking for a copy of this picture, so I thought I would do a quick LO and frame it for her. As most of you know, my in-laws are Disney FREAKS, so I made the title using the Disney font, and I cut out a little Mickey head and hid it in the bottom flowers. (Thanks to my friend Michelle for that idea).

Sorry the picture stinks - yeah I would scan it, but I am LAZY and don't feel like scanning it.

Anyway, that's what I have for now. I've been scrapping a lot as of late, so should have more to post in the days to come! So glad that we are getting down and dirty with the scrappin' and the postin'!

Hi Ladies

So how are we all doing? Nichole I love that you went to the scrapbook store on your own for some creative fun! I am glad that they didn't close it. Wish you were still around here so we could scrap together or you could come over with the girls and we could crop while the kids play in my playroom. Your new layout is adorable. The pictures are way too cute. I know what you mean with the cards and stuff. I need to make a few myself. A thank you card, A birthday card and I have three challenges that I need to make layouts for my

Do you like doing the swaps? I only did one. What is the swap for this time? What site do you belong too? I entered a ribbon challenge and made this layout! Planning on scrapping more tomorrow. I have a migrain from HELL! OUCHIE!!!!

This I made just because I bought the doodled word Friends and couldn't wait to use it!
This bottom lo was made for the ribbon layout. We had to use ribbon in a layout. Easy enough!

Cropping at Paper to Page

Sorry to get this update in so late. The past few days have been lazy at best, if only partially productive. We're finally getting unpacked completely from vacation, and making messes everywhere with our lazy attitudes. But Saturday was a big highlight for me, I felt free and like myself again for the first time in a while.

So, as you know I had finally grown the balls to scrap at the local store. Which, other than chains like JoAnn's, is the only scrapbooking store in this area. Pitiful, huh. Evidently a lot of small scrapbooking businesses are going under. Thank goodness this one hasn't! I need it!

I love the store a lot. I was skeptical at first, but it really is nice. Nothing compares to the Dream yet, though.

Well, around 3pm I got a call from the owner to see if I was still coming due to the weather. She said snow. I said, "what snow?" and looked outside. Oh, that snow! It wasn't sticking, and it was warm enough that it was melting almost immediately so I planned on still going. After all, I've driven in far worse.

The crop went on as planned, with 5 less gals. So, it was only me and two other gals scrapping, plus the shop owner who was there doing homework. It was quiet, and we had a lot of room to spread out our stuff. There were only 2 cafeteria sized tables pushed together, and that was supposed to have accomodated 8 people! PSH.

I'm guessing now that every group I'll ever belong to will have 2 Nicoles. Yes, there was a Nicole there! She's really nice and is pregnant with her second child. I'm totally hooking up with her for a playdate some time soon.

Among all the chatter and getting to know each other I barely got anything done. The project I was working on had been giving me grief from day 1, but by george I finished it!

I still have to complete some V-day valentines for a swap I joined, as well as make 2 birthday cards and an anniversary card. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for the great welcome Nichole. I am so excited to start virtually scrapping with you. I hope we do the web cam scrap soon. I am game for whatever date you ladies choose. Well today I am heading to the bowling ally with Lil Miss Alicia Ava. I scrapped a page last night, I am waiting for the stickles to dry on it. Nothing fancy, if my mom finds out I scrapped the pics of her she will kill me cause all three are not her best pics. So how about those Pats, Jenn I know you will be watching with your family tomorrow. My crazy die hard fan husband and brother are going to sit in the 14 degree weather to watch it. I will be watching on the couch with the heat up high! lol.

I stopped by the Dream a few days ago and bought some delicious papers. I can't wait to use them! I also got another tube of stickles. I just adore stickles, I guess you could call me a STICKLES WHORE".

Jenn I loved the layouts of Curtis with the school theme. Very cute. I love how you stamped and layered the paper. Sharon, the Halloween layout is so much fun. As soon as I saw it hanging in the dream I fell in love with it! Nichole, your daughter got so big. She is adorable. Love what you did with the scraplift. The picture is so cute and the colors rock. I know how you feel when you scan a lo and it doesn't show your lo justice. It always looks so much better in person. I hate when my scanner stitches and makes something look darker on one side and the other side of the stitch is a bit light! EKKKKKKKKK. Oh, the stickles dried. Let me post.

Cherished Family was done last night while Nana had Alicia Ava for the night.

As you can see what I was talking about before with scanning and stitching. Any advice on scanning and stitching with Adobe? I will also post the other layout I did a few days ago.

Have a great day ladies, until I scrap again. TOODLES! Scraphappy Nicole


scraplifted inspiration
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Hey y'all! So, that scrapbooking bug I had tonight led to the completion of ONE page, and here it is!

I have lusted over Celine's scrapbooking skills and art for a super long time now and just knew when I saw this page of hers that it would be the perfect setup for this awesome picture of E and me playing in the snow. The greens and blues are just fabulous! My photo of my page looks murky and shitty, but the colors are just as bright as the original in person.

I used mostly the same foundation products, as I belonged to the same kit club that Celine did (before the kit club portion of Scrapologie was discontinued). December was the last kit, and featured in my page are mostly products from Scrapologie's club. The papers, the notepad journaling paper, the coaster ("remember today"), and even the green chipboard letters all came in the kits. Gosh I loved Scrapologie so much. When I can afford it again I'm definitely signing up at a different club.

There are a few differences between mine and hers. I used more photos, one of just E with rubbed on wings, and one of my mom and grandma looking out at Eleana through the window of the house. I used a bigger photo, and journaled more. plus, I didn't have a giant flower to use, so I created my own from patterned paper and a snowflake sticker. Plus, I didn't paint enough, or in the right spot of the paper, so you barely see any blue paint on my layout. Oh well.

I hope you gals like it! You can click the photo itself, and then click the links provided to view both original photos larger if you're curious.

new scrap chick!

Okay, so, the post previously has a picture of our new scrap chick, Nicole! Not to be confused with me, Nichole with an H. Blogger wouldn't let me click into the box for that entry for whatever strange reason, hence the lack of text or any explanation. Sorry for that, y'all.

I met Nicole once or twice back in Boston at the Dream during a crop. She seemed super awesome and I remember wishing we could get to know each other better. Alas, we had to move shortly after our meeting so we never got to spend much time together. Hopefully we can grow close virtually, as she's made quite an impression on the other ladies here at Made With Love!

Welcome Nicole! We can't wait to see all your scrap endeavors!

New scrap chick!

blind date

Ladies of the paper, pen and glue, I miss you now more than ever! My after holiday scrapping bug has bitten me, and I'm up tonight printing beaucoup pictures to take with me to my first crop here in N.N.

Yes! You read correctly! I'm finally dragging my ass out of the apartment to meet some new people who are hopefully likeminded and a little normalish. Gosh, I've been here over 6 months and haven't met any true scrappers. I've felt so lonely in my craft, sitting quietly at my desk, jamming with headphones in a silent apartment in the dead of night. I feel like a closet scrapper. I think I've even forgotten how to have conversations with anyone over the age of 2 (aside from the hubs, but as most ladies know, they often don't meet the age requirements for adult conversation).

So, like a school girl getting ready for a blind date, I'm scrambling to imagine what I will need to take with me, and what I can stand to leave behind. Other questions are nagging my brain, too. What should I wear? Something comfortable but nothing slouchy. I want to appeal to the older upper class ladies as well, after all! Should I bring snacks? Should I wear my NSD nametag from last May? Would that make me obviously desperate for friends? Will everyone like my bags? If I bring too much will they tease me?

I even asked the shop owner the age range of the typical croppers. Horrid, I know. Really all I wanted to know was if I was going to be the only 20-something bitch there. I wanted to revise my words and tell the owner that I was absolutely open to having friends who aren't in my tax bracket (after all, most of my closest friends are ten+ years older than me) but I fear I sounded like an age-prejudiced bitch after that. Great.

I have to admit that nothing will compare to the Dream. Sorry, but the Dream's chairs alone are worth the cover charge, let alone the plethora of fun stuff we were allowed to use there. Evidently this store doesn't have stamps, inks, or cutters (cricut or otherwise) available for use. So I'll pretty much need to have all my scrapping bases covered...PRESSURE!

And still, like the perfect boyfriend every girl still remembers and dreams of, my old scrapping buddies set my standards for new scrapping friends, and let me tell you ladies, you set those standards high! Nobody will ever compare to you girls, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Wish me luck for tomorrow night...I'm a nutcase over it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Testing from the newest "BLOGGER"

Thank you ladies so much for allowing me to be a part of you groovy group! I am thrilled to be a member. My grammer is not good at all and I spell so bad thank god for spell check. I am looking forward to getting the inspiration from you ladies and maybe sending some your way as well. Now tell me, how the heck do I attach to this bad boy? XOXO "Scrap Happy" Nicole.

Now Get your scrap on!!! lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the...beholder? Behold!

Ladies of the pen, paper and glue. Hello. It's been a long while since I've updated. And lo and BEHOLD it was Jenn who hath encouraged me to revisit my hobby. Blogging and cropping.

Does that = blopping? crogging? Hmmmm. Or how about Blogging + scrapping = blapping? scrogging?

I'd LOVE to wear a SCROGGING '08 shirt to the next event and have everyone wondering what the hell that is. Leave it to me to think that ditty up...

But I digress...

So Ms. Jenn writes in the last two posts how she uses old stuff hangin' around and "scrogs" about it.

First, Kudos to you Jenn. By definition, once a purchase crosses my thresh hold it is deemed "old". Believe it. I'm already dreaming and scheming about the next product. It's all part of the scrog addiction.

Think that's bad? I know a gal who was supposed to go FOOD SHOPPING and ended up scrapbook shopping instead. True story. Because I was there and I saw it with my own two eyes. And she's a member of this here design team. But I shan't name her. She knows who she is ;)

But again, I digress...

So I gave Jenn the ol Kudos for using "old" product. I thought it came out sweet. Sometimes simple and understated is lovely, Jen. You may not appreciate it now, but come back to it a week or month from now. Both your layouts are easy on the eyes. Unlike my layouts, which take a good 30 seconds for your retinas to focus on all the nonsense. Like my Halloween layout for example:
I thank Jenn for rekindling a spark to create. To be creative. To be fearless with product. Try new things. Even if sometimes the results are unworthy of my scrapbook - at least I'm learning.

As I walk up and down the aisles during the crops, I see some who are perfectly content with their cut + matte and "just get through the album" mentality. And I'm not judging. That works for some. I'm far too spastic to be so disciplined. My style is to capture "moments". Because honestly, with the exception of my wedding album, I can barely sit through one album devoted to an entire subject, much less crop one.
What initially attracted me to this hobby was Nichole P.'s altered books. From there I created altered pages for my scrapbooks. Today's products lends itself to doing just that. With all the bling and grommets and ribbon out there, it's very exciting to sit down and just let your imagination run wild!

So while some croppers are just cut and pasting their ENTIRE (and I mean relentlessly from day one) history of their children's lives and family vacations, I prefer to document a day in the life or a great moment - say between my daughter and husband. Or maybe I'll create a page around something unusual because the light and colors are fetching. Like once I pulled over in front of a sunflower field at dusk and had everyone get out of the car for an impromtu photo shoot. I believe that was my very first layout with Nichole P. I should post that.

I still go through old albums and laugh at how my style has changed in the one year I've been doing this. And I'm so psyched that you all want to join us as we share ideas and show off our work. There's no right or wrong in this arena. I totally dig that.

Cheers to you all. Here's to a scrap-a-licious '08.


No so creative

Well ladies, I have too many projects that I want to work on that I don't even know where to begin!! One of the things I was going to suggest for a challenge was to get out the stuff that you have in the closet that you have never used. I have lots of it. I decided since I changed my mind on the next challenge for us, that I would start my projects off with challenging myself to use said products. I learned why I never used them :)
This first LO I just threw down. Not very creative. Very blah indeed. Not even sure why I am sharing...

This second one isn't all that creative either. I just wanted to get it done. I also wanted to use that paint and foam stamp set that I had sitting in the back of the closet. Thought the lettering came out perfect for a preschool layout, but probably wouldn't use the lettering again....