Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cropping at Paper to Page

Sorry to get this update in so late. The past few days have been lazy at best, if only partially productive. We're finally getting unpacked completely from vacation, and making messes everywhere with our lazy attitudes. But Saturday was a big highlight for me, I felt free and like myself again for the first time in a while.

So, as you know I had finally grown the balls to scrap at the local store. Which, other than chains like JoAnn's, is the only scrapbooking store in this area. Pitiful, huh. Evidently a lot of small scrapbooking businesses are going under. Thank goodness this one hasn't! I need it!

I love the store a lot. I was skeptical at first, but it really is nice. Nothing compares to the Dream yet, though.

Well, around 3pm I got a call from the owner to see if I was still coming due to the weather. She said snow. I said, "what snow?" and looked outside. Oh, that snow! It wasn't sticking, and it was warm enough that it was melting almost immediately so I planned on still going. After all, I've driven in far worse.

The crop went on as planned, with 5 less gals. So, it was only me and two other gals scrapping, plus the shop owner who was there doing homework. It was quiet, and we had a lot of room to spread out our stuff. There were only 2 cafeteria sized tables pushed together, and that was supposed to have accomodated 8 people! PSH.

I'm guessing now that every group I'll ever belong to will have 2 Nicoles. Yes, there was a Nicole there! She's really nice and is pregnant with her second child. I'm totally hooking up with her for a playdate some time soon.

Among all the chatter and getting to know each other I barely got anything done. The project I was working on had been giving me grief from day 1, but by george I finished it!

I still have to complete some V-day valentines for a swap I joined, as well as make 2 birthday cards and an anniversary card. Wish me luck!

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