Saturday, January 19, 2008

blind date

Ladies of the paper, pen and glue, I miss you now more than ever! My after holiday scrapping bug has bitten me, and I'm up tonight printing beaucoup pictures to take with me to my first crop here in N.N.

Yes! You read correctly! I'm finally dragging my ass out of the apartment to meet some new people who are hopefully likeminded and a little normalish. Gosh, I've been here over 6 months and haven't met any true scrappers. I've felt so lonely in my craft, sitting quietly at my desk, jamming with headphones in a silent apartment in the dead of night. I feel like a closet scrapper. I think I've even forgotten how to have conversations with anyone over the age of 2 (aside from the hubs, but as most ladies know, they often don't meet the age requirements for adult conversation).

So, like a school girl getting ready for a blind date, I'm scrambling to imagine what I will need to take with me, and what I can stand to leave behind. Other questions are nagging my brain, too. What should I wear? Something comfortable but nothing slouchy. I want to appeal to the older upper class ladies as well, after all! Should I bring snacks? Should I wear my NSD nametag from last May? Would that make me obviously desperate for friends? Will everyone like my bags? If I bring too much will they tease me?

I even asked the shop owner the age range of the typical croppers. Horrid, I know. Really all I wanted to know was if I was going to be the only 20-something bitch there. I wanted to revise my words and tell the owner that I was absolutely open to having friends who aren't in my tax bracket (after all, most of my closest friends are ten+ years older than me) but I fear I sounded like an age-prejudiced bitch after that. Great.

I have to admit that nothing will compare to the Dream. Sorry, but the Dream's chairs alone are worth the cover charge, let alone the plethora of fun stuff we were allowed to use there. Evidently this store doesn't have stamps, inks, or cutters (cricut or otherwise) available for use. So I'll pretty much need to have all my scrapping bases covered...PRESSURE!

And still, like the perfect boyfriend every girl still remembers and dreams of, my old scrapping buddies set my standards for new scrapping friends, and let me tell you ladies, you set those standards high! Nobody will ever compare to you girls, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Wish me luck for tomorrow night...I'm a nutcase over it!

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