Friday, February 27, 2009

for the love of...

for the love of
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Well, girls...I haven't scrapped in an eon! Here's my newest project. Sorry the picture sorta stinks. I had to use my phone to take this camera is still dead and I haven't charged it yet.

So, this is a picture of Joe, being a reluctant model (one of my favorites of him by far!) for my first crochet project. I did this layout for a challenge over at Scrap Mojo, and entries are due by the 28th.

Do you love the colors? I did the journaling to the right of the photo, directly on the paper. Simple and short and to the point! I used products from so many different companies - Tinkering Ink, Love, Elsie, Sass Lass, etc. And also added a little handmade crochet heart.

Hope you like it, girls!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first scarf

first scarf
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Scrapbooking has taken a back seat to other things lately. Mostly life. But I was inspired by a dear friend to start crocheting. It was difficult at first, because I had a lumpy yarn that wasn't very workable for a beginner. But once I bought this new stuff, it went so quickly. I did this scarf in less than 48 hours!

Joe was such a good sport wearing my scarf. SIKE! Man could he be any more pouty?! Such a baby. After all, I had intended for him to have the scarf...until he informed me he will never be a scarf man. Whatever! So I'm keeping it for now.

My next scarf is an apple green lumpy scarf, made of the lumpy wool I couldn't use before because I sucked. I figured it out now, though, and am looking forward to trying to make someone wear it for the next picture!