Monday, September 15, 2008

BOO - Altered Wood Decoration for the house

Finally something other than a word book! lol.
I bought these giant letters that are made of fake wood at the Dream last year for about 19 bucks. Well, this summer I spotted them in my craft closet and knew I wanted to get into the "FALL" mood and alter them. I bought the Halloween papers from the Imaginisce line and used them to cover the wooden letters. I used Making Memories black scrapbook colors paint to outline the letters and get inside the holes. I also used a messy brush stroke to create a black painted goth look. For the middle "o" I used purple making memories scrapbook paint and my daughters thick paintbrush. This morning when I woke up they were dry and I added the embellies. I bought the spiders at the dream which I used SMALL DOTZ to adhere them to the letter. I first used foam dots but I could see them and it didn't sit right with me so I ripped them all off and re stuck them with the glue dots. I bought the Halloween bottle cap at Building 19 1/2 last summer. The Happy Halloween Glitter words are from the dream, as are the Boo, trick or treat and pumpkins. Cloud 9 was used for the cool little bat people, ghosts and the non glitter Boo word. Added some ribbon and called it a day. A really easy project and fun to do. A REAL THROW DOWN! In the first picture you can see the spider that fell off in all the other pictures. After I took the pictures I added another glue dot. Alicia found it hysterical that one spider would not stick. lol. Thanks for looking!

Happy 30th Birthday Kristie Rose

So, all of you must be scratching your heads saying, ANOTHER WORD BOOK! Good God, I know, I have been doing that myself. You see, it is an easy project for me to throw together for a gift. I made this one for my brothers wife. My sister in law turned 3o this month. While they were in Vegas celebrating, I decided to throw this down for when she got back. I left the last two pages open for her to add pictures from her actual birthday while they were in Vegas. The other pages are full with pictures I had and some I got from her Myspace page of her and her close friends and family! I used the junkitz papers from back in the day that I have had and loved for so long. I never wanted to part with them, but they are prefect for a 3o year old because it says, just be you, be true to yourself. I used a lot of scraps and stickers, letters and numbers I have had. I only had a few hours to get this done because I was heading to Hampton Beach and they were coming home from Vegas the same day. I left her gift on my kitchen table as I knew they would be over cause they were going to be watching my dog. She loved it! Junktz papers, fancy pants rub ons, Making Memories tiny lil aphas, numbers, birthday rub ons and much more. In one of the pictures my husband was being NAUGHTY so I had to black out what he was doing! =) MEN!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Design Team Project

I have no idea why this pic is sideways......

Today I had to turn in my DT project at The Dream. Great minds think alike - because no sooner had I arrived than my design pals, L and J were in the door as well. Everyone had come to turn in their latest and greatest.

Every single one of us were chosen for distinct talents. One gal for her Quick cuts and her masterful ability to work with the smallest of details. Another for her clean lines and use of paper in her layouts.
L of course is the layout DIVA - as she proved once again by coordinating yellows with pinks and browns. And when given the challenge of making her page "interactive" she used a chord, traditionally used for shoe laces, to hang three chipboard cupcakes which could be flipped over for journaling. WHO THINKS LIKE THAT? asked Laurie.

Next in the door is J, who brings an incredible acrylic book she's entering into the Zutter DT contest. Along with her mini album - every page simple and clean. The pictures are the clear stand-outs. Hers is the kind of work you look at and then want to scoop up all the product to try it at home. Minimal journaling. It's all about the pictures.

So, there were three of the team-member's projects I got to feast my eyes on today. I had to pick Shay up so I didn't stick around for the love-fest over my project (ha ha). But I included pics for you below. Let me warn you. It's a throw down unlike anything you've seen before. In fact, I don't think the pics convey all the throw-down-ness.

I was given a 6 page acrylic album (12 pages front and back). TWELVE - as opposed to the 2 page layouts a few of my team mates had. What-EV!!!

I was also given a stencil, two galaxy markers - blue/silver and white. Some white jumbo buttons. Two pages with a winter scene and two diff. colors of bling card stock. No WAY could I make 12 pages out of that alone. That was like giving a starving person a cup of chicken broth for dinner.
So I figuratively put on a mask and snorkel gear and went scuba-diving through my goods.
Fished out every monochromatic bit my little fingers could find. Ribbons, acrylic tags and embellishments, bling of course, inks in the whole range of winter blue and white. And of course, my sense of humor.

Where would I be without that?????????

I had to be resourceful when putting this together because I had NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to print out for a winter album.


No snowmen/women, no sledding, no snowball fights?

Double gulp.

No pristine pics of snow falling even? Not even deer tracks on my back porch or the dog leaving his fresh, yellow imprint in the snow?
Triple gulp.

I went through my catalogue of winter-y pics. Until finally settling on a singular moment. One moment I took pictures of over and over again because it made me laugh. The subject: my husband. Every year, on his birthday, it snows. Some years, worse than others. This particular year, he was plowing the driveway and not making much progress when he notices our neighbors bring in this super jaxxed up snow removal truck. Poor Rick. And so the theme took on a life of it's own.

Initially, you'd look at the cover and think the book will be about all things white and fluffy and sweet about winter. But it's about my poor husband struggling in the snow. On his birthday. While Shayna and Caesar look on from the warm comfort of their home.

Now, I'm trying an experiment. Because Blogger keeps booting me anytime I upload more than 4 pics, I've started a shutterfly web thingy. Click on it and let me know what you think. Yes, I noticed that some pics uploaded sideways. I'm just not savvy enough to correct it at the moment.

Hopefully, this will work. The name of this is titled "Insomniac Studio" because it's my reserved name on Etsy, should/when I open my online store. So, Click on this linky and tell me what you thinky:

Door Hanger and Word Book

Here is one of the Christmas Presents that I was working on for this holiday season. Because I will be having a baby around that time, I thought I had best get with the shopping and the making of things now. Needless to say, I am well on my way - all the in-laws out of state are done! This number here is for my Grandmother. She lives in a retirement community and loves to post notes on her door when she heads out so people don't worry or wonder where she is. I thought that this would be a better alternative than the scraps of paper that she writes her love notes on. :)
The door hanger is from Creative Imaginations? I think. I know that's terrible, but in the process of re-doing my scrap space, my information for this number was, well, tossed. AHHH!! Anyway, I covered it with some pretty flowered paper and then used an assortment of ribbons to decorate the top of it.

The first picture is of the back side...I found these little round dry erase magnetic boards for lockers in Target and thought that it would be a great solution for this project! I just went around the sides with stickles to decorate it up a bit. The front says "Welcome Friends" I stamped the letters using CTMH stamps and inks, then I drew around the letters in pink just to make them stand out a little more. I then used CTMH liquid glass to fill in the letters, then cut them out using my trusty Crayola cutter. The flowers are from K&Company.

OK - Now, onto the FINALLY FINISHED word book!!! Just to note that I blacked out the kids that I don't have permission to post on line. I am really happy with the way the book turned out. If you remember, I used the Cricut Design Center to do this book. It's the first one I cute out, and all in all, I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I learned a lot by playing with the software, and am now working on a few more word book ideas. I am, however, waiting for the new blades to come out so I can cut on thicker paper to make this process easier...

oops, that airplane shouldn't be on this page, I will have to correct that, must've gotten stuck when I was turning pages. I wish I could have found better embellishments for this project, but this is what I was dealing with. I am happy I did it and can't wait to try another one. Someday, I hope to make these babies beauties like Miss. Nicole's! LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

HAPPY Bo Bunny word book for my daughters BFF

Well, my daughter's best friend Cameron had a birthday in July. They are 10 days apart in age. I made Cam this book so he can look back when they are in college and see how close they were as toddlers. They are together just about everyday for the most part and when they aren't together I hear all day and night about her BFF! =)

You know I love to gift give, you know I love to make things to give to my family and friends. This book was created using the Happy, Bo Bunny Word Album. Another known fact is that I am addicted to the Bo Bunny word albums. They make the best gifts!
I used Fancy Pants & October Afternoon papers. I used a ton of rub ons from all different companies. Some die cuts I bought at the Dream's Yard Sale way back before the lady that ruins the the yard sales was a customer lol. I used left over sticker letters, buttons, ribbons, bling, chipboard and flowers.