Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playin' catch up!

Whoa, Nelly! I can't believe the amazing scrap-a-rama ya'll have posted so far! I've been concentrating on merchandising over the summer. And more on altered gifts. Less on the actual page. However before Shay's birthday party we did a massive overhaul in the house. You know, for all the people that would be walking through and such. Had to make it the showplace...
So with new coats of paint in the kitchen and in the living room. I had nothing on the walls. What was a girl to do??? I got out my scrap frames and went to work! The results are below:

1. (Below) This was a new line that Laurie brought back for me from CHA Chicago. I don't think she's getting this in the store. But the various lines of design made it fantastic for a layout, to cover a TIN (which of course I did), and for cards. This was framed and hung in the kitchen so guests saw it as soon as they came inside. It's still on the wall actually! The only thing I updated it with after this pic was I framed the pic in turquoise loopy ribbon. The lettering was on clearance at Marshalls. They have tons of scrappy stuff on clearance now!

2. The pic below was from a post I wrote on "Brown" called Melon Party. You may recognize this Daisy D paper from the Christmas tree store. I just loved it. The dots echoed the silliness of the pic, as did the chipboard swirls which I chose to leave bare. GASP. That's right. It took A LOT, and I mean A LOT to walk away from that one. The fish stickers we got in Chinatown because Shay wanted a Pokemon/animae party and these were some of the leftover favors. They have nothing to do with Melon. I just thought they added to the absurdity of the picture.

3. I've no idea why the pic below is sideways. I uploaded it twice. This was from a Pokemon photo shoot we did for Shay's party invitations. Here, she's holding Pikachu her favorite character. The paper that backs the photo was from a scrap pile at The Paper Source. I was in a rush and just wanted to get something up on the wall, so I did just a minimal layout. I can hear your jaws dropping. I know. I didn't even have time to rip it up and start over. I love the little red jewel I got last year at one of the stops on the bus tour.

4. BANNER MOMENT - This was a Popsicle banner I made from Laurie's new accucut (spell?) machine. I cut the original pieces on chipboard. Cut the covering pieces with colored card stock so I wouldn't have to trace and cut. The PARTY letters were stickers I found at Michael's. The pics were a series we took on July 4th when Shay was using sparklers for the first time.

I cut holes on each side and tied it with ribbon so after the party, it collapses into a board book! I KNOW, how cool! Thank you, I'm here all week.

On the back, I used party rub-ons from the dollar store and put additional party pics (not shown).

5. Photo cube. These were all the rage over the summer. I used scrap paper from PS and covered all the sides. I loved this little fish, another party bag remnant. The bottom third had different coordinating paper and double ribbon separating it from the top. Felt and other cool textures that Shay would enjoy when I added her birthday pics to them.

One day shortly after the party, I decided I didn't really like it that much and have since ripped it BALD. Go ahead, laugh. Laugh beeyotches. I'll bounce back. You'll see.

6. The layout below would have driven even the mild-mannered Nichole P to the loony bin. This started out as a summer layout, using the sunburst stencil on the black card stock. What's the name of it? The stuff you tear and it has color that shows through? Yeah. Not a big fan. If you do anything other than rip it, the color is everywhere.

Not good...not good at all....

I added grommets and bling and then hated the middle picture. So I cast it aside. Shortly before Shay's party, I exhumed it and used this great candid shot Rick got of Shay, leaning against a checkered table cloth.

I tore the paper - big woop - and used the X-mas tree Daisy D paper behind it. I also cut out flowers and butterflies in the corners to let the paper show through. And yes, that would be the Martha Stewart butterfly punch, thank you very much. I use it often. I love it so.

So up close this looks like something you might heave up after disembarking off the tilt-a-whirl. But it's on the wall in Shay's room and as you're coming down the hallway it's...intriguing and kinda draws you into her room...which, now that it's all Pokemon, is an adventure in itself.

7. Saving the best for last... I was inspired to make this next piece by Etsy artist Pugnotes
Her version:

Mine: I drew the pug freehand in pencil on canvas. Then came the task of accurately fitting paper in the right spaces! I tried to contrast light and dark papers in each shape. I held the canvas up to the sun so I could TRACE the shape I needed onto each individual paper. Why yes, a light board would have worked brilliantly. Had I had one. I used scraps of paper from the workshop in PS.
I wanted to put a red bandanna on the pug since we usually put one on Caesar. I made the leash out of ribbon I got at Michaels. And the tag is his first rabies shot tag. Awwwwww. The butterfly is from some sticker set I got. It's still not completed. Honestly, I'm afraid to make another move. I really don't want to rip this up and start over.


Jenn said...

Wow Sharon! You've been a busy lady! I would say something more profound, but I am exhausted and am heading to all the work!!!

Nichole said...

I friggin love the pug art you made. And personally, I don't think it needs much else besides a frame, girlfriend!

I really love the sunburst stencil piece you did, regardless of how you think it made me's really simple for you! And the birthday page is cute, love the candles!!

Love it all girly! Now I wanna update!

Scraphappynicole said...

Love the layout you did. I just love it! I adore the Pug art you made. My god it ROCKS! Seriously! You blew the other one away! You should sell um on that site Nichole sells on the one you found the other one on. Give the chick some compition. Great job on the party banner.