Sunday, September 7, 2008

Recycling with gift wrapping

We have a birthday party this afternoon. And instead of running out and spending gas and MORE money on gift wrap and cards, I took a cue from Jenn and used some of my scrappy-scraps. Why not? Most people think it's so inventive ;)

And actually, it's quite fun!

Below, I finished up some Happy Birthday wrap I had on hand. I then used some ribbon I'd had in stock (what? did I say in stock? what am I, a warehouse?) and used that to bind the two gifts together. Sure, it doesn't match. But does it really have to? Kids love wild crazy, mis-matched stuff. Especially when you walk into a party with a big ol, big ol thing wrapped all
ca-ra-zzzzzyyyyy. Can I get a woop, woop on that, ladies???

Next, I used a left over Popsicle chipboard from the accucut project (Popsicle banner). I covered it front and back with scrappy paper and then embellished away with stickers and such.

But I didn't stop there. Oh no. I didn't. I couldn't. You know me. I got out my punches and used the flower and the circle (above) and cut into both the birthday paper and the leftover Popsicle paper. I used the circles in the Popsicle paper for the "i" in birthday. See below.

Some may think it's extra work for a gift that's gonna be ripped open. But it's all worth it to put a great, big smile on a child's face. There's nothing better than the anticipation of opening a nicely wrapped gift. Oh, and also it stands out on the gift table. Mismatched or not!!!

Woop, woop! Off to eat some birthday caaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!


Jenn said...

so inventive! I never think to use my scrappy scraps for stuff like that until I am all done scrounging through my left over wrapping papers. Oh well! I love what you did!!!

Scraphappynicole said...

Great job, resusing your scraps, way to go! I did this a few times and it is awesome because the people you give it to really appreciate the trouble you went too! They think you are just way too crafty! It is great! WAY TO GO!

Nichole said...

Cute! I never have the energy to do this...and I develop unnatural attachments to all my scrap supplies, so thinking of them being ripped through and discarded makes me want to cry naked in the shower.

Great job!