Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a mini mini book pour moi

Hey! I'm finally updating! WOO!

So, a couple months before we moved, like around April or so, I ordered this really cute chipboard bird keychain thing from Two Peas. (All My Memories makes the chipboard bird keychain though.) I thought I might separate the pieces and use them as accents on separate pages, but also kept in mind it might be nice to use as a whole, like a mini photo album to carry with me in my bag. Because my wallet has NO photo insert at all, and I never have any pictures of Eleana when I'm out.

A couple nights ago I caught the bug to scrap, but didn't want to commit to a 12x12 project. I've kept this blank chipboard bird thing hanging around the desk on purpose ever since I bought it because I've been needing/wanting to use it so badly, and finally decided to just work it out.

So, here are mostly the final results. I still need to add one or two photos to the blank birds you see, but other than that it's pretty much done. I used all Sasafrass Lass papers (from the Dearest line), some Hambly, some Basic Gray rubs, and other rub-ons as well.

Finished product, including ribbon, hanging on "my" pegboard (it's only mine as long as I live here, so I'll have to say goodbye to it when I move.)


Jenn said...

My goodness Nichole! I love this mini book! I have to tell you that I've looked at those little tags on the chains and thought "now, what the heck would I do with something like that?" You gave me such great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

What's so funny? said...

I'm glad SOMEONE is usin' the mini chipboards! We have TONS 'n TONS of 'em at The Dream. And I have to merchandise them. We just got cupcakes in which are ADORABLE. And the acrylic ones just came in for Halloween too!

You can do so much with 'em. Separate them and put them on layouts. Use them in larger chipboard books for an altered effect. I even planned on making a set for Shayna's lunchbox, so if it came apart from her backpack during school it would have a series of "Please return to" with her pic and her class information!

So much fun!!!!! Looks great! Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the ol traditional layout and do an altered project!

Scraphappynicole said...

Love, Love, Love the ECLECTIC FEEL! Way to go making this into a mini album for your purse very creative and fun!

Nichole said...

Thanks chicks! I really love it, too. And it was so easy I didn't feel like it was a chore or something I "had to get done."