Friday, February 27, 2009

for the love of...

for the love of
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Well, girls...I haven't scrapped in an eon! Here's my newest project. Sorry the picture sorta stinks. I had to use my phone to take this camera is still dead and I haven't charged it yet.

So, this is a picture of Joe, being a reluctant model (one of my favorites of him by far!) for my first crochet project. I did this layout for a challenge over at Scrap Mojo, and entries are due by the 28th.

Do you love the colors? I did the journaling to the right of the photo, directly on the paper. Simple and short and to the point! I used products from so many different companies - Tinkering Ink, Love, Elsie, Sass Lass, etc. And also added a little handmade crochet heart.

Hope you like it, girls!


What's so funny? said...

Nichole! I LOVE the colors! Wow. So eye catching. I'm always amazed by what you come up with. I laughed when I opened the link, thinking about how we first named this "inconsistent art". You all would laugh knowing how LONG I've taken to finish ONE page. Ha! Thanks for posting Nichole! Love it! xoxoxoxo

Jenn said...

Good to see you scrappin'! Love the funky paper.
Good to hear from you! Miss ya girlie!

Scraphappynicole said...

Looks Pissah as we Boston Folks like to say for really good!

Liam's Mom said...

You are so fun and talented!

Send me an invite to your main blog. We've lost touch!