Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for the great welcome Nichole. I am so excited to start virtually scrapping with you. I hope we do the web cam scrap soon. I am game for whatever date you ladies choose. Well today I am heading to the bowling ally with Lil Miss Alicia Ava. I scrapped a page last night, I am waiting for the stickles to dry on it. Nothing fancy, if my mom finds out I scrapped the pics of her she will kill me cause all three are not her best pics. So how about those Pats, Jenn I know you will be watching with your family tomorrow. My crazy die hard fan husband and brother are going to sit in the 14 degree weather to watch it. I will be watching on the couch with the heat up high! lol.

I stopped by the Dream a few days ago and bought some delicious papers. I can't wait to use them! I also got another tube of stickles. I just adore stickles, I guess you could call me a STICKLES WHORE".

Jenn I loved the layouts of Curtis with the school theme. Very cute. I love how you stamped and layered the paper. Sharon, the Halloween layout is so much fun. As soon as I saw it hanging in the dream I fell in love with it! Nichole, your daughter got so big. She is adorable. Love what you did with the scraplift. The picture is so cute and the colors rock. I know how you feel when you scan a lo and it doesn't show your lo justice. It always looks so much better in person. I hate when my scanner stitches and makes something look darker on one side and the other side of the stitch is a bit light! EKKKKKKKKK. Oh, the stickles dried. Let me post.

Cherished Family was done last night while Nana had Alicia Ava for the night.

As you can see what I was talking about before with scanning and stitching. Any advice on scanning and stitching with Adobe? I will also post the other layout I did a few days ago.

Have a great day ladies, until I scrap again. TOODLES! Scraphappy Nicole


Nichole said...

Oh Nicole! I love your pages! The basic gray papers with the trees and kids is one of my favorites lately. I have tons of fall pictures I'm waiting to scrap with those papers!

And yes, Eleana has definitely gotten bigger! She's talking now and everything. It's crazy.

I'm getting ready to pack for my crop tonight (see previous post!). Wish me luck!


Nichole said...

Oh I also wanted to add that I have no idea how to use Stickles! I have one tube, and plan to possibly get more. How did you use them? Just squeeze directly from the bottle? I can't wait to use mine, it's a reddish color, sorta ruby. Maybe I'll add some to my page. LOL

What's so funny? said...

Yes! Stickles are ridiculously easy, folks. I'm addicted!

I'm so inspired by the posts ya'll did.

I love that the two Nicholes are now posting pals!


Jenn said...

Lookin fantabulous Nicole! I need to take some classes from you!! :)

I too love that I am in love with that paper too. I already used mine though and want to do more with it! Hrm, maybe a trip to the Dream is needed...