Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hello, beautiful

At the request of my busy blogging partner-in-art, I'm posting a picture of a piece I created in November (was it November, Sha?) for Sharon, featuring Sharon.

This is Sharon's beautiful face inside a shrine to beauty. I wanted to create something for her birthday that would remind her how lovely I find her, especially in light of the fact that I will be moving out of state this summer.

I used mostly bookprint to cover the box (a discarded Gerber zwieback toast box). After letting the glue dry (mod podge) I rubbed the sides with multiple colored chalk ink pigments. All the colorful paper, the piece that says "Paris", the green part, the flowers, were scanned from a copy of Somerset Studio. The "S" I actually got
here. The alphabet set was originally black and gray, but a little photoshopping fixed that right up. I fixed Sharon's image inside the box with glue and cardboard stands, added faux printed curtains, then sealed the box top. I added the "S", a piece of curled bookprint that I hand wrote "hello, beautiful" on, and hand trimmed focal points with gold leaf pen.

It looks quite small compared to my books, but I think the size worked perfectly. Sharon's mobile shrine has lived in many places in her home. First in her daughter's room, then in her bedroom, and now I believe it's in her office/spare room. Yay! She liked it!


It's okay, Sweetie said...

Yay! I do love, it! I do! And there's nothing better than a hand made gift from a cherished friend. It's above my computer so I can look at it always!

Woobie said...

Hi Nichole! Sha's friend Alicia here...just wanted to say I love the artwork! You're more creative than Sha said! I can't wait to see the next creations from the two of you!!