Wednesday, August 22, 2007

something new

I am desperately avoiding blogging on the other blog, so I'm finding other things to distract me. It isn't that I don't like blogging about myself and my munchkin, rather that I've not blogged in so long about anything of any consequence, I feel there is so much to catch up on. It feels akward to just start up new from now, and skip all the other stuff. Psh.

So the girls and I have been tossing around ideas about how we're going to keep our creative jazz up in spite of my moving away. (I know, girls. I'm the totally inspiring one. you don't have to say it!) I truly miss having face time with my friends from the north, and find it very chore-ish to scrap now as opposed to fun.

Before I moved, in preparation for the impending doom, we thought perhaps a round robin of some sort would be cool. As far as I know, a 6x6 round robin "book of friends" is still a valid and possible idea. At any rate, I think it would be awesome to do.

Well, I found this AWESOME site called How Much is Too Much. This little blog poses a new challenge every week, allowing a week for completion. The purpose of HMITM is to get scrappers to use the supplies they've been saving up. I think anybody can participate, all they require is that you post your image on a link at two peas (another site I wish I had a limitless amount of money to spend at!).

While I want to participate in at least one HMITM challenge, just to do it, I think a challenge group of our own is in need. So, after talking and talking with the girls but not really doing anything (summer is SO busy, I think now we're starting to see some time free up for us) I implemented a new challenge for us! Yay!

Of course, we can each make up our own challenges as we go, but I made the first one to get the ball rolling.

The challenge for this month is this:

Create a layout of any size using the same photo multiple times AND

Use a color you don't normally use/favor as your main color element!

I give the girls a month or so to do this, as I know they have other things to work on and commit themselves to.

So gals, if you're reading this, GET MOVING on that layout! And start turning your brain wheels about a challenge idea you may have!

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