Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thank U

It appears I'm the only one posting at this here blog...which is fine. I know the other fabulous gals are constantly turning out great works of art, whether scrapbooky, altered, or other. And I'm aware I promised pictures of my friend album. Those will be added soon, I promise.

For now, here is the latest thing I crafted. A thank you card for my mom, in the form of art that she can hang/display as a reminder of my everlasting debt to her for everything she's done for me and mine.

It looks a little gray on the left because it was raised a bit from the scanning surface. The metal/enamel heart is thick enough alone, and I fixed it to the page with a foam dot, just for added thickness. ;)

supplies: velvet ribbon, lace, enamel heart, fabric "mom" tag, "mom" brad, sticky gemstones, acrylic stamps, inks, large eyelet (green bullseye looking one), hat pin, rub-ons (bird, white heart near "rock"), patterned papers.

Sharon gave me this card with a lovely matching envelope when I first met her. love!


Jenn said...

Great looking card!

It's funny you posted...I was just thinking that we/I should get to posting some stuff...hrm, now I have work to do! :)

Nichole said...



Yes you do! ;)