Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 is a magic number

Hello, hello? Oh my gosh, I'm alive! I tell you what, after the Memory Makers challenge entry I created, I was totally wiped from scrapping. That, combined with planning for Eleana's 3rd birthday party and I had no time to scrap for fun. But I have to say, if it weren't for Jen's challenge I never would have scrapped.

Of course it helps that I received a really awesome kit from Sweet Spuds recently! I mean just look at all these goodies!

So as soon as I saw the oranges and pretty shades of brown and touches of pinks, I knew what picture I was using and why. I had taken a couple of pictures of E recently that I normally would have probably deleted straight away, but I thought to myself, "These pictures would be so pretty if I bleached them a bit in photoshop" so that's what I did.

Additionally, the gals at Scrapmojo have just released a new challenge, and I caught it on the first day, lucky me. Of course the first title suggestion they list is what I'm going to use! "3 is a magic number" fit Eleana perfectly because, obviously, she just turned 3 on Sunday!

I sorta spliced the two photos of her together, so the shadow on the right wouldn't be cut off. It looked awful with the shadow cut in half. So I cut a place into the photo on the right and slid the photo on the left into it, so I could overlap the shadow.

I tried to group things in amounts of 3. There are 3 clouds (which I created using Stickles) and 3 august stickers on the left side of the page. I also used 3 staples on either end of the ribbon.


Jenn said...

LOVE IT!!! So glad you are getting back into things!!!

Scraphappynicole said...

great layout! Love the negative space too, adds a lot to the lo. i love that you used sets of three. I love the kit you got! I might need to check into it. How much is it a month. Fantastic embellies!

What's so funny? said...

The use of the number three over and over and over (as I just did - how clever am I ) was a neat play on the title. Liked the orange paper. And the deer of course. But I'm really curious how you
a) bleached out the photo and
b) matched up the shadows?

I can't believe the long hair and how old she's getting. When's her driver's license test?