Saturday, August 23, 2008

First crack at a word book

I decided that I would give the Cricut Design Studio a try. I've been contemplating buying it for a number of months now, but wasn't so sure that it would be something that I would use all the time. Boy, was I wrong! I am a little addict now!
Here is the first thing I am working on with the software. I have all these pictures from the amusement park that I didn't know what to do with. I wanted to scrap them, but how many pages does one really need of the experience? Then I thought I could make a word book! Here I am, downloading the Design Studio and thinking "how does this work?" So I Googled it. I happened across this GREAT blog, Invincible Summer. She has taken the time to go through this step-by-step. It was "easy" with the information right there before me to follow, yet it was still very time consuming. I think I finally got it though!
I used scraps for my trial and errors - there were TONS of errors! But, with a little time, I was able to work out the kinks. The first picture was my 'completed' best first try. I then used that sample to tweak the placement of the letters, and work out the 'welding' so that there weren't any stray cuts, as you may notice in the letter 'E'.

In this last picture, you'll see my first almost completed word book. I used papers that I have had laying around forever (decided to use up my stash before buying up all new goodies!). I still need to obviously put pics in it and embellish, but I think I have a great start! It's not perfect, I will admit, but for the first try...not so bad.

I will post the completed project once I wrap that up. We are planning another trip to the park for this week, so I will wait until after then to work on the book. Until then, I have a few other projects that I am thinking about. If you have a Cricut, I suggest downloading the trial version and giving it the old college try!!!! Tons of fun!

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Nichole said...

Love it!

I like the colors a lot pretty!