Monday, February 18, 2008

Doodle challenge to the design team

Okay! So I was given the honor of presenting the first "challenge" of the New Year. Indeed. It was a challenge finding a challenge!

Until I came across a mosiac Ms. Nichole had on her site of her fav scrapbook pages. Within it, I was drawn to "You Rock" by Dutch artist Corinne Delis (I believe is her name).

The link below will show you the challenge page:

To see more of this artist and her lovely, lovely work, visit:

And now, for the challenge:

The challenge: Simply to try our hand at doodling in a similarly convincing sketch. With no restrictions on color or theme.

So you think doodling is easy? Think again. There was nothing easy or carefree about this piece for me. I messed up so badly at one point, I ripped the paper from the page, then had to figure out how to fit THAT in. Which resulted in the following "black hole" as you'll see.

Below: A quote from Shayna after receiving flowers on Valentine's Day from Grandma "You rock the Universe!" I believe you can click on it to see the details. I agonized over this and will be glad to tuck it away and not look at it again for a while. I gave more thought to this piece than any term paper I've ever completed back in college. I can't wait to see what the rest have done.


Nichole said...

This is absolutely awesome! Did you draw the robot yourself? My eyes IMMEDIATELY go to the cutie pie robot! I think this page is fabulous. I love the 12x12 paper you used, who makes that? The one with the cool border...

Still working on's Yo Gabba Gabba inspired, so it should be interesting.

Jenn said...

Told-ya it was awesome!!!!
Wait til Nichole finds out how makes the paper she loves so much! LOL

Scraphappynicole said...

Sharon, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The pic of Shay is so priceless. She is so your daughter. Adorable! Love every lil thing about it! GREAT WORK SISTA FRIEND!

Nichole said...

Hey Sharon, I just noticed you didn't upload your square picture of yourself in this entry. OOOH!