Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday Present for Grandmaw

Posted by Me, Me, Me!!! The above post was not me, it was Ms. Nichole P. (hey, nice rhyme!)

It's 4:00pm. My husband says, "Hey - when we visit my Dad tomorrow, let's also bring up a birthday cake for Mom."

Crap-a-doodle. With everything going on with Pop, we forgot about my MIL's birthday. "Oh! (insert DING for bright idea) And I'll also make something!" we go...

So we set off to Home Depot for some crafty fixins.

5:00 pm phone rings.

"Where are you?" It's my friend at The Dream crop shop. I was supposed to be there already.

"Uh. Buying scrapwood. And purple paint - for my kitchen...."

"WHAT? You're painting your kitchen PURPLE?"

"Yeah, it was a spontaneous decision. I was on the loo looking through a Pottery Barn catalogue..."

"Are you coming tonight or not?" my friend is getting impatient.

"I'm coming right now."


Still at Home Depot. Looking at cabinetry for a whole new kitchen.

I initially set out to buy scrapwood for an altered project for my MIL's birthday. Then got sidetracked buying purple paint. Then came across a kitchen to die for. I wanted it right then and there. Impule, impulse, impulse.....

Well. I'll tell you what impulse got me. It got me 1 hungry daugther, 1 tired husband, and 1 daughter-in-law minus a present for her MIL.


Heading home with a car smelling like McDonalds (none for me, thanks - I hold out for PB&J at home) and a trunk-load of scrapwood.


Upon entering the house, husband informs me he won't be able to cut and sand the scrap wood for my project in time for me to meet up with friends at The Dream.

6:46pm. Panic.

7:00pm Turn scrap room upsidedown trying to find the perfect project. Finally decide on an old standby -- the good 'ol acrylic album.

7:05 Printing pictures

7:10 Printing pictures

7:15 Still printing pictures

7:20 Jesus H. I should get a job a photo mat. Still printing pictues.

7:30 Arrive alive at The Dream.

7:35 Talk with other croppers

8:00 Shop

8:30 Talk more with other croppers

9:00 - midnight Talk, eat, talk, talk, talk, etc., etc.

12:45 Come home with only TWO pages to show for myself.

~ I will say one thing though - I won a raffle to get a goodie out of the gift bin. And got a book o' letter rub-ons, which I used on the name tags, below.

The next day 9am
Bolt upright and finish book. Husband says we're to be at MIL's house by noon for lunch.

11:30 Phone rings. I'm sitting at kitchen table in my boxers. ATG tape all over. MIL asks if we're almost there. Uh. not quite. Heh heh. "We haven't left yet because I'm making, no, finishing your birthday present?"

Well. At least it softened the blow. I tell her we're leaving in half an hour.

12:05 I hate the last page, rip it to shreds and redo it. Husband reminds me we were supposed to be there already.

12:30 Shower.

1:00 Take entire project in car and finish bling and rub-ons on the ride up. Using every last second to pimp out each page. I devote a page to each granchild and then to her own children. That way, everyone including the kids can enjoy browsing through it.

1:30 Put gift in MIL's hands. She loves it. Wipe sweat off brow. I am redeemed for another year.

Enjoy (below!)


Pam said...

Nice album! I'm dying to do an acyrlic album! I am also dying to come to a Dream Crop! But only at one you are going to be at! ;)

Nichole said...

Oooooh! I love how it turned out. So all you did was use your ATG gun to adhere the paper to the acrylic? And it sticks just fine?

I've been sitting on my acrylic album forever...still haven't decided what to do with it.

What's so funny? said...

yes. ATG works fine. Just remember it shows through the other side. So you need to plan the layout accordingly. Rub ons are the BEST for this project.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You do such amazing work, my friend.

Mary E said...

Ditto, on what Pam said. hehehe

Nicole said...

Great job girlie! I love the stickers you used for the title. Are those Karen Foster? I just love Karen Foster. I haven't been to a dream crop in some time. I really need to go soon! I know you and Jen and I are going to have a crop soon and get Nichole on a web cam to join us. I love the present and I am sure GRAM did too! Great job! Never used the acrylic yet! see you soon. Nicole