Friday, February 8, 2008

Finished for the new arrival

I totally forgot to upload my tiny pic so you gals know it's me posting. Hahaha! That's my bad. See, what happened is, sometimes if I want to post about an image I have stored in my Flickr account, I just compose the blog entry through Flickr, with the help of internet magic. That means no ability to upload pictures until after the fact...and I totally forgot. But hey, it's me, okay? So you know. Nichole with an H. Rawr.

baby bits and pieces
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Wow, so I made this like, before September and I'm only just getting around to adding it to the blog!

In August my sister-in-law called me to create a collage for her new sister-in-law (her husband's new little sister...yes they're really young!).

She wanted something similar to the collage I created back in Boston with Sharon...remember the buttons with the silhouette of E, Sha? Well, my SIL saw it and loved it, but had a few requests.

It had to be pastel. They knew it was a girl, though she didn't quite know what colors were in the room. So just make it girly.

It had to incorporate Precious Moments somehow. They love PM.

It had to have her birth info - date, size, name - plus a spot for the mother to add a picture.

I had been eyeballing the latest "bits and pieces" collages by some of my friends on flickr and knew immediately that was the format I would go with.

This is the finished result! I had tons of baby girl themed things that I didn't use for Eleana (I definitely overshopped in preparation for my little one) that were perfect for this project.

I'm told the baby's mom loved it so much she hung it in her living room instead of the baby's room so everyone could see it. It makes me so happy that I made someone happy by making a simple gift.

Nichole P.


What's so funny? said...

This time I read slower but fell asleep. Why did you use precious moments again?
Sharon the skimmer ;)

Nichole said...

Because they asked for Precious Moments! ;)

What's so funny? said...

You actually answered that! Tee hee! I knew it ;) Hey, post your pic at the top will ya?

coffespaz said...

I like the new name, much better than the last one because, even if you don't post regularly, you make the projects with your heart.