Thursday, February 21, 2008

My "funny" Valentine

Nicole posted some scrap-a-rific Valentine layouts so I had to dive into my massive supply and crank one out myself. What the heck am I waiting for? Besides, this story was too good to sit on.

After a fab-U time at the spa Valentine's eve, husband and I have just enough time to make our dinner reservations! So we head around the corner for dinner. I adore this restaurant, and was so taken by the sights and smells and sounds, that I didn't even REALIZE who they were sitting me near - behind actually - it was none other than NICOLE herself (and husband, who is awesome by the way).

What were the chances?!?!!! The whole dinner I wanted to keep turning around and tapping her on the shoulder to gab. You KNOW I had to get a pic for this moment. You KNOW I did!!! And ah-ha I beat ya to it Nicole! ;)
Pictured here are the scrapbook divas. Literally, we're back to back. What torture! I wanted to scoot my table next to hers! As the night wore on, all four of us were talking and laughing so loud. I think the other patrons were a tad bit annoyed!

Oh! About the scrapping! I got this paper set at Michael's I think. I really loved the colors. The glitter embellishments around the page are from ye ol dollar section at Target. Me loves that dollar section, yo!

And Nichole P, I know you're dyin' to know about the tags, my alter-er extraordinaire! Why, they are 7 Gypsies, of course. And the "Look" tag was for me to pull out and read so I can always remember that moment I saw Nicole and her husband. I was really psyched. The "Celebration" tag is adorned with my $1 acrylic stamps I collect. Everyone carries them now. I included a close up because I know Nichole P is anxious to feast her little eyeballs on 'em. And yes, I have in fact doodled on 'em. Thanks for noticing.

The funniest thing about Valentine's (aside from my surprise encounter) was that we both had a terrible cold. Sneezed ALL THRU DINNER. I had to take a pic of this. You KNOW I did! My flash went off so many times during dinner, you'd think a celebrity was dining there.

I wanted to accomplish two things here. First, I wanted to use two different types of paper on the same page. I didn't really need a border to separate them, but I loved this ribbon I got at Walmart that was black and red and said "Kiss Me". I also have it on the hat pin on the tag. Can't get enough of it. Next, I've always liked the look of small pictures together like a film negative. I made sure to print them as if they were telling a story. At least, to me they do. The tags will do the rest!



Scraphappynicole said...

Sharon, This rocks. I love the tags so much! I love the doodles. Did you make the guy and gal. Love them. The pictures are funny! You forgot about the Bartender that nearly took all our eye balls out! lol. How funny was that? You, Rick and Joe holding your eye, the poor lady had to walk over. All the other tables were peeing themselves laughing! Very funny stuff. I love the picture of us HOT DIVAS. This is awesome love the pps. Great lo once again!

Nichole said...

EEEEK! I LOVE IT! I totally recognized the "look" tag as 7 gypsies, and the pull out tag looks awesome. I love that you doodled right on the "look" tag! (Did you notice that the "hooray!" I used on my doodle page was the same? - we're so in sync!)

The stamps are too cute. I've been on the hunt for the $1 stamps, never saw the one of the cute couple. SO CUTE!

Rick looks great by the way...tell him he needs to slow down before he disappears! ;)

Jenn said...

What else can I say that the ladies haven't already? You just continue to rock!