Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My addition to the doodle challenge

So, I really enjoyed this challenge. Very out of the box for me I must say, but so much fun! I felt like I was sitting in homeroom listening to my teacher bore me early in the morning, daydreaming and doodling on my notebook cover! Believe it or not this was the first time I really SCRAPLIFTED SOMETHING! Honest, I have always been an angel! No, really, my first official scraplift. Whenever an artist inspires me but I never have the actual page in front of me and just start scrapping. This was kinda cool. Had my creative juices flowing!!!!!! Needless to say, here is my addition to this cool Challenge. Thanks Sharon for hosting it this month!

(((((((HUGS TO ALL))))))))

Have a SCRAP"O"RIFIC DAY! Till next time - Signing off - ScraphappyNicole...


Jenn said...

We posted at the same time!
Now I REALLY want to redo mine LOL

Nichole said...

WOW! You freaking owned this one! All these pages are awesome! Mine will be done within the hour, I PROMISE. hahahhaha!

What's so funny? said...

Holy doodle-bug, batman! I can't believe how awesome that came out. LOVE the colors! And the buttons! Are those from the creative cafe??? Hmmmm? Your doodling was fabulous. Much, much love for this. R you putting it in a frame for your husband's side of the bed? (wink, wink)

Great job!