Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cards and Gift Boxes and such

Brought to you

Tonight, my friend Crysia came over and we got down to business. We needed to make cards for display in her store. Both the best store AND the best job in town. And since I'll soon be responsible for merchandising and design in her store, I had to really and I mean REALLY pimp this out.

But you know me...I hated everything I did. I've seen layered flowers dozens of times. Thinking, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do that." Turns out, I couldn't. I had to layer this sucker FOUR TIMES before it seemed appealing to me. What would I do differently next time - Ink lighter. Go light to dark, in fact. These were the only colors that came with the kit, and the ric rac is my own embellishment. I layered colors on the card and took the pic from a magazine. The "Adore" stamp in the lower left corner is from Making Memories, courtesy my old pal Shannon! (Thanks again! Those are fabulous stamps!!!)

Next up, a self-made birthday box for my daughter's teacher! A cute little bear is inside. I didn't have wrapping paper or a gift bag. What's a scrapper to do? Cute paper by Shannon to the rescue. I made the box, the ribbon, and card all with coordinating paper. It was great fun. Shay addressed the card. We can't wait to give it to the teacher tomorrow!


Scraphappynicole said...

Love, Love, Love the card you made. The flower totally well, you know, ROCKS! lol

The present box made for Shays teacher came out Pissah! It is good to have such talents when you dont have a gift bag or wrapping paper.

I am thrilled you will be working for that lady and I know you are so going to pimp out displays and I can't wait to see the creations.

Jenn said...

WOW!! I absolutely LOVE the card! It looks so elegant without going overboard.

The gift box is a terrific idea! You are more talented than you let yourself believe - maybe you should make a believe book for yourself! LOL

Nichole said...

Ver ver coot! ;)

I love the card. Orange with gray was very unexpected, but I liked it a lot! Very sophisticated.

The package was simply perfect! LOVE Shay's drawing and mad writing skillz.