Wednesday, April 9, 2008

missing my man

Okay ladies. I banged out yet another layout tonight. I love music with awesome lyrics (I even used to title my blog entries in college using song lyrics) and have had a couple of ideas using song lyrics floating in my head. (Scroll down to read a portion of the lyrics I used for this layout)

I drew my inspiration from a new song I cannot stop playing on my iPod. The song is "Crushed Beneath the Wait" by One Star Story. If you girls are a fan of Elsie (of Love, Elise fame) you probably are familiar with the vocalist of the band. Her name is Vanessa and she has white hot hair. She's a friend of Elsie's, and has been photographed by Elsie several times. Her band has finally released an EP on iTunes, which I found out about through Elsie. The music is simply amazing. I think I downloaded the whole EP.

Josiah has been gone now for a while, and doesn't anticipate being home for just as long as he's been gone. So we're frustrated and lonely, missing our daddy and husband around here. I've wanted to chronicle my feelings for some time regarding our constant separation. The song "Crushed Beneath the Wait" was such a boost for me. It says it all, and so I used the lyrics as the title and really the journaling of the page.

I'm embarrassed to say I don't have any pictures of Josiah and I together upon his arrival home, or I would have used one. I have plenty of him and Eleana though (look for a page about that lata!). So I decided to use an image of the boat he is currently stationed on, soon after it had pulled into the pier.

The song lyrics grab at my heart so strongly. I didn't include this in the page (ran out of room) but there's a point in the song where the lyrics go "you'll find me, you'll find me soon" and it just kills me. When Josiah and I first met in high school, before we were dating (but totally crushing on each other) we lost each other at an event, and when we found each other again we literally collided and we both said at the same time, "I was looking every where for you!" Josiah's always telling me he'll find me, no matter what the situation. It's comforting in a way to hear that, and it's all I can think of when he's away.

I used a piece from Basic Gray's Obscure line which featured a silhouette of a woman sitting in a chair to convey the idea of waiting. The colors were very sailory too, reds and blues. That worked considering I was totally planning on using the Whale of a Tale rub-ons I got from Sassafrass Lass (see pirate owl, whale, anchor, and waves). I threw in some thickers, a dash of Love, Elsie, and Making Memories papers. Gosh, I really just went crazy. I used Stickles to punctuate the edge of the paper, and to better define the silhouette of the woman. I ran out of room to spell "wait" in the page, so I used a "w" and 8. LOL

Crushed Beneath the Wait by One Star Story

The room, it starts to spin
and I begin
to realize that you may not find the way

walls begin to push me in
it's hard to see where this could end
the shadows start to fill this room
i'm hoping you will be here soon

don't be late
i'm crushed beneath the wait
crushed beneath the wait
of this empty room

room frusrtating, hopes are fading
as i'm waiting here for the call (not sure if it's call or calm?)
to come and let me know (know or go?)

walls now push me in
it's impossible to see the end
the shadows now fill this room
i'm hoping you will be here soon

don't be late
i'm crushed beneath the wait
crushed beneath the wait
so please come soon

don't hesitate
i'm crushed beneath the wait
crushed beneath the wait
of this empty room


Scraphappynicole said...

This is so awesome. I love the rub ons so much! I want them!!! BAD!

The song is beautiful and goes perfect with your military way of life with the hubby! The detail on this is so much fun to look at! I love the idea of the lady sitting very cool. Your layouts are loads of fun to look at! I really enjoy seeing your creations. The title work is way too cool. I want the cork looking letters! ALL AROUND FANTASTIC layout!

Nichole said...

Oh man, thanks! The rub-ons are awesome. And they go on so smoothly. I have to give it to Sassafrass Lass for that. The only other rub-ons I've had go on that smooth were Hambly.

The cork letters are self adhesive from Joann's scrap line. Got them on sale like 1 1/2 years ago.

Jenn said...

I love it! Sorry I don't have anything profound to say -I am tired but wanted to comment! :)

What's so funny? said...

Nichole - this is just an amazing piece. I hope you've emailed it to Joe. The song is a perfect choice. I feel for you, reading the lyrics. I think this challenge was great therapy. I also want to add how I love that you "went crazy" on the piece. Identifying how much ya miss your man. I feel it, both in the lyrics and in the art. And it's awesome to look at. Maybe one of your best yet.