Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pirate Princess

Here's the new Pirate Princess line from Rusty Pickle! I'm proudly designing for THE PAPER TREE. Can I get a woop, woop???

Sorry there's no product run-down. I'm rushing to pack for a trip, so this is all I can show for now. I think I provided enough photos so you can see what's going on. Email me directly if you have questions.

It was a royal throw-down. Nicole - are you proud of me?????

The entire collection:


Nichole said...

jealous! My store has Rusty Pickle's regular pirate stuff, no princess things. I bought a couple sheets to use for the picture I have of E from your house. Remember? We put the dress-up box out back and E put that pirate bandana on? Yeah.

I love pink and black together. The pictures are great, and tearing the edges was genius. Resembles a treasure map perfectly.

Jenn said...

LOVE IT!!! I never got the chance to ask you what Michelle thought.

Scraphappynicole said...

Not sure how I missed a comment on this. It is way too ROCKIN'. Love Pink and Black together. I love the ruffness with the girly flair! Awesome job!