Friday, April 4, 2008

My Challenge

I can officially say that I am DONE with this challenge! I presented the challenge of finishing any left over LO or projects that have been lingering in the back of a drawer or being passed from one pile of junk to the next. I suggested this challenge mainly because I wanted to make myself finish up my son's baby book...needless to say, I still haven't finished it! Why? Well, let me tell put it plainly, it sucks! It was the second project I ever worked on, back when I started scrapping with CM. I just can't find it in me to finish it when I hate it to begin with. Will I redo it? Nope. I think it's fun to look back on earlier work to see how far I've come. What I have decided to do is to make a DVD slide show of all the pictures from when he was a baby and will include that in the album. There. All done. LOL I may still do some pages from cute pictures that I have and love...but I may not too.
Anywho, this two page LO is one that we did in a class last year with Adri-. It's where I met the infamous Sharon and Nichole, BTW. This little gem has been sitting in my pile 'o crap for a year now! It was a nice thought, but a PITA to cut out all the puzzle pieces. Plus being that I am not a huge fan of the paper, it really was hard to wrap this one up.
This is a Christmas page of my son and Niece's. The paper is from a stack pack. I was trying out the Diamond glaze, didn't like how it looked so put it in the drawer. I decided that it was just a trial and must be put into an album if nothing else than to show what not to do.
This last LO is one that I started forever ago too. I was at a crop, it was nearing the end of the night - you know, the point when you really should be wrapping things up - not starting another page? Well here I was stuck with this page. I had all the pictures tacked down already, couldn't back away. Taking it out of the drawer, I just added a title and some journaling. Calling it a day on this one too.

All in all I am glad I suggested this challenge as I did get everything out of the drawer 'o crap...not all pleased with the results, then again, when am I ever? LOL


Nichole said...

girlfriend, you are braver than I. I looked at that page of mine, and decided to trash it. I took off the flowers and brads, and trashed the rest. I never liked it. Isn't that awful? I suck.

You made the best of yours. It looks great. I love the rest of your pages too. Great job!!

Scraphappynicole said...

Jen I missed this last night! Great job finishing up the challenge. I was so pleased with your challenge. Really motivated me to get lots of crap done. Your layouts look awesome. I love the Christmas one!!! xo