Sunday, April 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland layouts!

My DD helping me build a snowman for the second time that day! I used all different kinds of snowflakes on the paper because no two snowflakes are alike in real life lol. I used the MM Diecut paper which I adore.
I made my own bottle caps with pictures of the snowman's head and my daughter. These are so much fun to make and are easy to make. Using bottle caps, cut the picture you want to use to the size of the bottle cap, add gloo to the bottom of the bottle cap, just a lil. Next place the picture on top and then add gloo to the top of the entire picture and set it to dry for a while. It gives it the liquid glass effect and looks really cool.
I then used Stickles PEARLS, White Opal to create a snowflake. This type of stickles is great because of the look it gives. Really looks like a snowflake. Love it! I used snowflake confetti across the bottom of the picture. I used hinges to hide the journaling and two additional pictures underneath. I used snowflake brads, snowflake stickers, snowflake metal accents all to add some different flavor! lol

Different views

Inside the hinges

The Winter Wonderland layout was quick and easy, used the vellum title on top of paper that looks like wind. Added a snowflake sticker to the corner, above the sticker added another homemade bottle cap of the first snowman we made this day before daddy took it out with the snow blower! Then added three different size buttons to the opposite side to make it look like a snowman. Used my Liquid Glass to outline the snowman and his buttons, nose, eyes and mouth. Also outlined a few snowflakes. The paper is Creative Imaginations. There you have it folks! (((((((((((((((HUGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSS)))))))))))))))))))))))


What's so funny? said...

This is amazing! I LOVED it so much I visited TWICE. How creative. You used SO many different elements on the page...I think that's awesome and I should do that more often. I loved "Because no two snowflakes are alike". I can't wait to see this in person. It came out terrific. I'm going to use your bottlecap idea! Girl, you rocked this one out of the ball partk!!!!!

Nichole said...

I am so in love with the MM diecut papers. I have tons I need to work with still. I've never seen the pearl stickles, it looks great!

I especially loved how on "winter wonderland" you use white buttons to create a snowman shape! so creative!