Wednesday, March 5, 2008

32 by 33 in 5

OK ladies, the moment you've all been waiting for....
What was I going to do for my challenge page which was presented by Miss Nichole? The challenge is to create goals to have accomplished before your next birthday...the inspiration comes from Love Elsie Love Elsie
This was more of a challenge for me because my b-day is just 5 weeks away. My original thought that I would do a page for my 34th b-day in 2009, but I ultimately decided to not wimp out and come up with goals for pretty much to the month of March.

This LO happened accidentally. I had one thing in mind - I wanted to use a small scalloped strip of the paisley paper, but for some reason my cutter only cut the middle of the paper. So I went with it. I fell in love with this paper many moons ago, but hadn't known what to do with it. It's especially hard for me to use pinks in my LO because I have a little boy and he's my main scrapping subject. I had to have this paper anyway though. I finally found a use for it.
Supplies: Bazzill- (of course), Making Memories Maddi Narr Stripe and Maddi Paisley, Pop Culture "flower child white", flowers, Robins Nest, chalks and of course inks.

When I was attaching the flowers from Pop Culture (on the right most side of the page), they were just plain old white. I wanted a little more color, but didn't want to paint or ink the paper...I wanted subtle. My little guy was sitting next to me "scrapping" and was using my old chalks that I passed to him because I never use them...poor kid had to give me back my chalks for 10 mins so I could color flowers. The result was just what I was hoping for.

My Goals:
1. Don't panic about only having 5 weeks to complete my "to do" list
2. Start my "33 things to do before turning 34"
3. Don't worry about mistakes
4. Visit with Gram at least twice this month
5. Go for a walk at least 1X per week (not happening this week - too much rain - So I went for a walk on the treadmill)
6. Scrapbook 2-3 nights a week
7. Drink no less than 8 glasses of water everyday
8. Finish organizing my scrap room
9. Watch our Netflix movies we've had out since November (I just noticed that I miss-spelled Netflix on the page - not worrying about it!)
10. Finish reading the second Stephanie Plum book
11.Take a scrap class
12. Call Lynn
13. Call Laura
14. Organize a get together with Val, Laura and George
15. Lose 10 pounds
16. Do WATP 3-4X a week
17. Organize front closet
18. Finish painting downstairs bathroom
19. Have fun!
20. Start WL album
21. Eat 5+ veggies a day
22. Get on the treadmill everyday
23. Finish taxes
24. Deposit coins
25. Call Jess
26. Limit D. Pepsi to 2 a day
27. Have a Date Night
28. Hang pictures
29. Go to bed no later than 11
30. stop forgetting to take vitamins
31. Make appt with ear Dr
32. Finish everything on this list!!


Scraphappynicole said...

I love the colors. I love the way you used the cricut! I hate my lo after seeing all yours. I was afraid I wasn't going to get the challenge done and wasn't as creative as all of you! You ink so well. Did you use chalk on the flowers on the side? I love the Big Flower! I also love the Robin's Nest pebbles. Great job Girlie! xoxo

Nichole said...

I love the colors too. The Maddi stuff is so sweet. Way to take a mistake and run with it girlfriend!

And coloring the flowers with chalk - brilliant!!