Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Legos, Herbie and Pirates

Alright, so I was able to get some scrapping in last night and tonight. I am posting my Disney stuff first, then will create a new post about my fabulous challenge page! Your gonna love it! LOL
Anyway, here's 3 more Disney LO that I've finished up on.
Nicole and Sharon have seen this first one.
I had this thought in my head about making the paper like building blocks, but it didn't turn out the way I was thinking. Oh well. The title paper is the coolest part about this LO, it actually has bumps on it like the Lego blocks do. Fell in love with the paper the second I saw it! Didn't know what to do with it though until now. Nicole and I went shopping up in NH and I found some really cool Lego paper, wish I had seen before I did this LO. Don't you worry though, you'll see that paper in an upcoming LO I will do for my In-laws Disney book. :) OK, Now I am babbling. The other thing I found in NH was Quickutz Blocks - I scored that goodness and tossed a few on the page.
OK, About the big arrow...it's pointing to the slide that's in the background and I chose to journal right on the arrow. Told the story of how C wouldn't go down the slide.
Materials: Quickutz, Disney paper from Disney paper packs bought in the park, Disney paper clip, I don't remember what line the arrow came from, ribbon and the Fastenator with Mickey. Oh and the circle with Mickey in it is from a box of "classic" tags that I bought while in the park.

Now onto the tag. Yup, pull it out and there is a picture of my BIL standing in front of an Asian Lego City. On the back side is this cool picture of a dog made out of -yup, you guessed it -Legos!!! Oh, and I also journaled some more there too.

Here is the start of the Pirate stuff...sorry guys, still have WAY more to do on this subject! This was just a simple - throw it down - get it done sort of LO for me. I worked on it over Miss. Nicole's and was really tired an unable to really get down to business for some reason.
Materials: Bazzil, Pirates Sticker that was bought in the park and I can't remember the other lines...

Now onto "The Love Bug". Here I just used Bazzill and My Disney Cricut Cart. Inside the "53" circle there is another picture and then I am going to journal.


What's so funny? said...

WOW Jenn - you scrap fiend, you! Even tho' I saw the Lego page, I want to say once again how awesome it came out. The photo doesn't do it justice. I love the tag placement and the Quickcut leggos. I'm so jealous over that find! The pirate layout I saw as well that night and I love all the colors and the placement of the different papers. I happen to know all those lines. If you're like me and you have a child with a penchant for pirates, then you can really appreciate all the different elements on that page. I saw a t-shirt that said something like Scrapbooking: the art of spending $150 on a page for with $1.00 worth of photos.

What's so funny? said...

Correction: That phrase was Scrapbooking - the art of spending $50 to showcase a $1.50 photo.


I almost got it right. I was off by about $100. But hey, your page looks like a million. ((hugs))

Scraphappynicole said...

One word Jenn, SCRAP"ORIFIC!!!!

The Lego's look killah! I just love that page. The big arrow looks familiar maybe you got it from Scenic Route? I know they have a lot of those arrows. The Pirate page is so cool. I love the colors. The sticker that I saw up close and personal with the charactors Looks fantastic. Love, love love the love bug. I just think the numbers look so awesome. The pictures are adorable and I love the punched hearts. They are punched right? You went to town girlfriend and it all looks FABULOUS!

Jenn said...

I want that T-shirt!!
Oh, and yes, the hearts are punched with a Creative Memories punch. :)

Nichole said...

Okay, Lego geeks of the world unite! I love all your pages. Legos rule. I still (STILL) have an old Lego set I played with when I was like 10, and it's a pirate set. So, two passions combined? Yeah man! I can't really see the bumps on the title paper with this picture but it sounds awesome, and the journaling on the arrow is perfect.

The pirate page is cool, I can't wait to see what you do with the other pirate stuff you're going to make.

I think of Shay first when I think of pirates. I like to think that my own daughter's love of eye patches and peg legs stemmed from all her time spent with C and Shay.

LOVED it all girlfriend!