Monday, March 3, 2008

a challenge of goals

It was my turn to choose a challenge this time around, and I had one in mind for a few months that I thought would be perfect for our little group.

When I first stumbled upon Elsie's blog, I didn't know she was the creator of Love, Elsie designs. But I quickly figured it out. Some time ago she participated in a challenge involving goals. A number of goals, in fact. To see her original post, click here.

The challenge was to create some goals you'd like to accomplish in a short period of time, that is, by your next birthday. So, for me, this would be 25 goals to meet before I turn 26 (on May 18). Not much time left, I know. But these goals are possible to accomplish, and those I don't get done by my birthday will hopefully be finished by 2009.

I used up some of the supplies I got in my August 07 Scrapologie kit for this one (and, didn't realize until just now that I used mostly Love, Elsie papers!).

I have a whole box of glitter chipboard I haven't even cracked the surface of yet, so I used some numbers from that box. The word "things" is Making Memories. The blue, circle, and green arrow papers are all Love, Elsie. i can't recall who makes the brown floral. I rubber stamped "to do before I turn twenty-six" and hand wrote all my goals around the page. Some are numbered, some aren't. I could only count 24, but I went back through the list I have on paper and recounted. There's 25, just don't know how I missed one on the page!

Here's my list of goals. I'll put a star by what I've already accomplished.

1. lose 20 pounds
2. pay off some debt *
3. open a savings account *
4. go to Colonial Williamsburg
5. spend a weekend thrifting
6. see Brandie at least twice
7. go to Tamarack
8. go to the living museum
9. try a new haircut
10. get a pedicure *
11. make my own throw pillows
12. have a mother/daughter photo shoot with E
13. make homemade lasagne
14. scrapbook regularly *
15. start yoga *
16. visit Massachusetts
17. create a plushie for E
18. submit a layout for publication
19. teach a class
20. read 10 books (wow, not happening)
21. try a new food * (sushimi! yum!)
22. go to a state fair
23. draw more often *
24. practice tarot more
25. relax!


Scraphappynicole said...

Nichole, Love the title work. Stamping rocks! Fabulous papers and I love the circles. like the touch of sparkle too!~ Great layout! I love your goals!

What's so funny? said...

okay, number 6? yeah. that should have the name changed. Begins with an "s". Get on that, will you? No offense taken. Next, love LOVE Elise. I want to be her when I grow up. That should have been my last number. Love the title. Love the stamped letters. Loved how your wrote in circles. And it's funny HOW MANY times I found myself saying outloud "hey I wanna do that too!" you and me we're two peas in a pod. Now, move over and make room for my scrappin' supplies. Bwwaaaa haaaa haaaaaa.

Nichole said...

oh hahaha! In Brandie's defense, I've only seen her once since I got married back in January 04. I saw you 1 million times more than that between 04 and now! ;)

But I smell what you're cookin' lady. I miss you so hard. Um and helloooo, visit Massachusetts is on my list, and that would mean I could visit a total of 5 friends in one big trip. That is, if we get to visit. From the way things look we'll move back sooner than visit.