Saturday, March 15, 2008

gettin' sketchy CT call

I don't know how many of you girls are trying for this, but as soon as I read Jenn's email I knew I had to give it the ol' college try. Gettin' Sketchy, a scrapbook challenge blog, is putting the call out for new Creative Team members. Yay! I've been popping in to see what's going on there every month, but only participated in one challenge so far. I love the concept of the challenges - a new original sketch every month is posted, and readers are prompted to give their best interpretation of it. Someone usually wins a prize, which is a sweet bonus. I love that, just like our blog here, Gettin' Sketchy is providing us with a jumping point, something to reference before diving in to our hoards of supplies.

Here is my take on their current sketch. Sharon might recognize these goodies, which I bought while with her at The Dream. Only just now getting around to using these papers and rub-ons by Imaginisce.

I rubbed the rub-ons onto a piece of brown paper then cut out the various flowers using my swivel knife, then adhered them to the page. All the talk about a doodling class made me want to doodle, so I used my white pen to add some flourishes around the rub-on accents.

I also used my white pen to add some dots around the main photo to make it pop better (brown on brown = blah), and also scribbled around my title.

Eleana is constantly climbing up on top of Daddy while he sleeps on the couch. He probably takes a nap once a day - his schedule is so wacky. I know why she loves cuddling him - for the same reason I do - he's a heat rock. Cuddling up to Joe is better than an electric blanket.


Jenn said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!!!
I recognize those papers too! I may even have them hidden in a drawer someplace! LOL! I love all the doodling...I don't know about you but I am addicted to doodles!!!! :)

What's so funny? said...

Love the idea of placing the rub-ons onto brown paper. I'm a fan of the white pen (is yours Signo by the way?) We're all doodling addicts now, I guess. I wish you were around for the last class we took. It was "pissah" as Nicole would say. I also liked the placement of the photo in relation to the page and how the rub-ons showed movement downwards. I interpreted this like you're drifting down into sleep. You rocked that concept. I hope you get accepted onto the team. They could use your talents.

Nichole said...

Addicted to doodles is right! Holla! Sha, when you tell me Nicole says "pissah", it totally reminds me of Trish saying things like "retahded." I miss your Boston accents! Turns me on like nothing else I swear. LOL

Well Sharon, my pen is NOT a Signo. I don't even know what Signo is. It is a gelly roll by sakura. Believe it. I've been getting my gelly on since high school. Which was just 3 years ago. LOLOL Just kidding!

Totally didn't think about the drifting off to sleep thing, but maybe subconsciously it worked itself in there.

Scraphappynicole said...

Nichole, I love the paper. It is so GROOVY! It reminds me of the bags Jenn's into. Sorry don't know the "BRAND NAME" lol. But it is way too cool. Your doodles compliment the paper so well. I love how you doodled on the chipboard also. The green paper with the ARROWS is to die for. I want it! The picture is so stinkin' adorable! You should be proud of your take on the sketch because IT ROCKS! HAHAHAHA Sharon & Jenn have been dying for me to use that phrase yet again! lol. Seriously, excellent job with this sketch. I think it came out PISSAH! ;]

Scraphappynicole said...

any word back from this?