Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hello ladies of the paper and glue! It's me. You all got my email with my awesome news, but for those of us not on my mailing list who read this bloggy (which probably isn't a lot of people)

I'm being published in a scrapbook magazine! Creating Keepsakes to be exact. Ironically, as my mother pointed out to me on the phone tonight, I'm having a piece of writing published - not a scrapbook layout. Nevertheless, scrapbooking is about preserving memories. The call for writing was about a fond memory from your summer as a child, something you would use for journaling in a layout but haven't necessarily scrapped yet.

My fondest memories of my childhood usually involve one of two different groups of people: my grandparents or my babysitter's children. I chose to write about my grandpa for the submission to CK. He was and still is such a huge influence in my life. He was my biggest fan. I've written about him in my private blog many times, one entry specifically is this one. My grandpa was my first real father figure in my life. Before my mom adopted me I lived with her for several years. I took my time calling my new mom "Mom", the transition was a slow one. But, immediately upon meeting my new mom's father, my grandpa, I called him "Dad." Perhaps this was confusion on the part of my 4-year-old mind. Perhaps a shortened version of "grand-dad." Either way, I called him "Dad" before I called my mom "Mom." I think that meant as much to him as it did to me.

I have numerous memories of my grandpa and our times together. We did many things together that I can't wait to do with Eleana. But one story in particular has always stood out in my mind as a magical moment. And this story is why I have a strong affinity for fawns and fawn imagery.

Of course I wrote a pretty long piece for the entry. I didn't want to leave out any details. And I knew the piece was subject to being edited for space. That's fine with me. They edited it nicely, and I totally approve of the revision.

I thought it only fair to everyone, including myself, to place the entire story here, unedited, as I wrote it. Enjoy!

"Every summer during my childhood was spent on Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. Back then the farm was their livelihood. They planted acres of corn every year and a large garden, kept livestock and mowed hay. Every morning Grandpa would wake with the sun, have his coffee and head out on the land to tend to his daily duties. Usually my days were spent indoors with Grandma. We would bake or do laundry. If it was canning season we’d prepare the fruits and vegetables.

Occasionally Grandpa would take me out with him to do chores. Sometimes I husked corn, sometimes I fed the pigs. On the summer day I’ll never forget, Grandpa had me survey the corn field with him. He’d walk through it several times to see how much of the crop had been eaten by wild animals, and to see if it was growing to be healthy.

The field was huge and probably seemed bigger to this seven-year-old than it really was. I remember the stalks were taller than Grandpa, and somehow we ended up getting lost. After wandering aimlessly together through the crop he eventually propped me up on his shoulders so I could see which direction the house was in.

We made our way to the closest edge of the crop so we could walk around the edges on our way back home. I remember there were probably only 6 feet of grass between the edge of the corn and the woods. We were walking close to the trees, and could hear the sound of the tinkling creek below, and feel the coolness of the trees’ shade.

Suddenly Grandpa quietly motioned for me to stop and look at something. I quietly crept closer to where he was, and we bent over together to peer into the trees and shrubs. There, lying quiet and afraid, less than 2 feet from us was a baby deer, a fawn. I had never seen one this close before, and never again would. Grandpa explained that it was hiding there, waiting for it’s mommy to come home. We couldn’t touch it or frighten it, because if it ran away its mommy might not find it.

We moved on through the edge of the field, away from the fawn’s hiding place. The joy from that day has stayed with me in my memories all these years. My grandpa was among many things a great teacher and inspiration to me during our time together. I’ll never forget that he was the first person to share with me the wonders of nature, the trees and animals, the waters and the stars."

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Scraphappynicole said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC! I am thrilled for you! You should be so proud. This is a great tribute, and your right the world with get to read about your Grandpa and the love and joy he brought to you! Well done girlfriend! XOXOXOXOXOXO
Love your scrappy Sistah!