Monday, March 17, 2008

Made with Love...for real...a gift made with love!

Just what's in this gift? Read on to see the crafty goodness...

I'm proud to announce that my cousin Alicia is getting married this summer! Alicia was a bridesmaid in my wedding over a decade ago. She headed up the loveliest bunch of bridesmaids a wedding ever did see.

For a wedding gift, Alicia and her family gave me hand-made pottery (hand-made? Is there any other kind?) from Liz Vagoda - why, yes, related to actor Abe Vagoda of Godfather fame. My cousin has always been a mega-mover and shaker. She networks fearlessly across all genres. And this came in handy when buying pottery for her pottery-loving cousin's wedding! Also, it meant a lot to her, buying from her favorite artist. (foreshadow alert!)

So! Last weekend, my radio-producer-cousin (insert additional brags here) was in town for a conference. I had just repainted (read: funk-t-fied) my kitchen in shades of vintage grape. This just CALLED for the pottery Alicia had bought me! And I swore to her up and down I didn't have it on display just to kiss her radio-producer a*s. And for the record, I'm not at ALL jealous that she became a producer before me. I'm perfectly content to ride her coat tails as soon as she's syndicated.

Anyhow, this IS a craft blog. And by now, three paragraphs deep, you're wondering where the talk of craft comes in? Trust in me, young Jedi scrap warriors. It will all come together in due time.
Looking for the perfect and most meaningful engagement gift a cousin could find - I dug deep into my treasure trove of kits and came up with a splendid number from Angela Moen from The Button Farm. I met Ms. Moen when she was in town holding classes. I was awe-struck by the detail in the kits. And here's how it all ties in, folks:

For my cousin's wedding, I wanted to give a gift from a designer I admired. Just as she had done for me a decade ago.

Please...hold your applause...I'll be available for autographs after the post (hat tip to Lisa Botti for that one)

The one caveat however, was I had to put the kit together. On my own.

Super-size-gulp. Me scared. I want my Mommy.

The week prior to her visit, I was up until the wee-wee-wee hours of the morning trying desperately trying to finish it. A quarter of the way through, I admit, I had to give up on inking. My finger-tips took on the look of "suspicious brown stains". I was tired of explaining it to my "non-scrapbooking" friends. I mean really, there has to be a better way to ink.

But I navigated best as I could. The final pages had no instructions. As in - you're on your own, pal! It was scary at first, free-falling, but it was so late that I let my silliness get the best of me. Like with pages entitled 'Oy Vey' and 'You Call This Fun?' Knowing that, I'm positive I've ruined all chances of designing for Angela some day.

Below is the completed project (not all pages are included, I have a life you know).


Scraphappynicole said...

Oh Sharon, did she love it as much as I? It is way cool! I love the colors you used and did you distress all the pp or did they come like that. Your titles are grand, I like the tags! I too just completed a gift. Gift giving is never ending it seems! I gotta hand it to you - YOU TOTALLY ROCKED IT! hahahaha

What's so funny? said...

The papers came distressed. I LOVE that look. And I felt also because the papers were already distressed, it wouldn't be as obvious if I didn't complete the inking. I love how Angela coordinated the kit. They do make great gifts!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful Sharon! Thanks for sharing the link for me, i enjoyed reading your whitty post! I hope you are all well!
big hugs to u!

What's so funny? said...

Did ya'll see that? Angela herself wrote in to me.

(singing) That's right...uh-huh...that's right...I'm a rockstar...

Nichole said...

you followed the directions! ah! gasp! LOL Sharon, the gift is so beautiful. You did a great job! The paper colors are fabulous...very sophisticated.

Pam said...

OK, Comeon, you have to tell me you changed at least one thing! You did not follow the directions intirely? Great job tho!

c, formerly of the tree said...

gawd bless, man! You can teach an ol' gal new tricks! Sha has worked for me, as in I was her boss... and if anyone knows how hard it is for her to follow directions, it's me. She puts her own personal spin on everything and I have no doubt it was created with every ounce of goooey, drippy, inky lurve that she has! Still waiting for my bday present, miss thing!

Jenn said...

I Yub it! As Curtis says.
And I am sure you didn't REALLY follow directions - we all know the truth!!! LOL

Alicia said...

Cousin Alicia here. I do indeed love it, and Mark and I can't wait to fill it up! Knowing it's infused with Cousin Sharon's own personal touches makes it all the better! Thanks, Cous!