Sunday, March 16, 2008

33 by 34 - More "to do"

Nichole had posted a challenge a while ago about making goals before your next b-day. I did the challenge based on my turning 33 in a few weeks. Now that I am approaching my 33rd birthday, I've been thinking more of what I would like to do in the "long term".
Supplies: Li'l Davis Designs: Endless Summer Rte 66, Sand Dollar and Sand & Surf. CM Scalloped corner punch, Gelly Roll White Pen for the outlines on the title and around the Sizzix "swirl" decorative accent. Jasmine Cricut Cart for the title and the buttons are from Creative Cafe.

When I saw this paper last week, I immediately fell in love with it, but per usual had zero clue as to what I was going to do with it. I took it out of my shopping bag and stared at it as if it were going to tell me what to do! And it did! I suddenly decided that I could cut the big flowers out of the papers and put them onto one page and use the petals as a 'to do branch'. Then I was thinking about how corny it is that I am doing a page about the things I would like to accomplish in the next year, on paper that has flowers - like I am blooming! LOL
Anyway, my goals are as follows (in no particular order)
1. Take Curtis to play mini-golf (we didn't play at all last summer!)
2. See fireworks this year - missed them last summer!
3. Bring Curtis to see a football or baseball game
4. Friends - get together more than just once or twice
5. Write more - blog
6. Photos- make a DVD slideshoe
7. Home movies - edit onto DVD
8. Classes - Scrapping of course! LEARN more!!!
9. No procrastinating!
10. Continue with my WL program - goal - another 75 pounds GONE!
11. Workouts: stick with the treadmill and be able to do couch to 5k
12. Live! Enjoy every single day!
13. Date nights with Rich
14. Perfection: doesn't exist - learn it, know it!
15. No excuses!
16. Play!
17. Have confidence
18. Install a new back door
19. Install new kitchen floor
20. Clean/organize the attic
21. Get a dog
22. Camp at least once this summer
23. Go leaf peeping in VT
24. Crop for a whole weekend with the gals *hint, hint*
26. See a play
27. Try (again) for baby #2
28. Go to Canada
29. Remember to see things through Curtis' eyes.
30. Plan and have a romantic get-away!
31. -33. I don't remember, but I assure you they are all there!

I didn't tack the flowers all the way down to the page. I left the petals loose so that I could look under for the 'hidden' goals that are on the bottom petals.
Oh, and the brown square is where my picture will go when I take it on my 33rd b-day!


Scraphappynicole said...

Love the view of it from another angle. That really looks so artsy! I love this paper. The colors you used are great! The brown where your picture goes is a great idea. I loved your goals and I am sure you will get close to all of them done. This came out so good. Your title work is fantastic. I love how you used the white pen on the inside and Shadow's it. Good thinking cause it really POPS! Lovin' how you did them on the petals. You are more creative than you give yourself credit for because this is a great lo! xo

Jenn said...

THANKS! Nicole! I AM my own worst enemy and critic! LOL