Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doodle Class was SMOKIN'

First off thank you Jenn for finding the class and bringing it to our attention. Nichole P. You were missed very much. We did bring your name up a million times wishing you were with us. This was my first time at Michelle's place and my god, I was in HEAVEN. That is so my type of scrappy stuff!!! I loved the class the store had, the jars with the ribbons pre-cut were DIVINE. The martini glasses with the buttons and stickels in it were so ELEGANT! Michelle was so down to earth, so sweet, so outgoing, so fun! Thanks Michelle for having us. We had a blast. Kuddo's to the very talented teacher too. Please forgive me as I forgot her name, BUT I LOVED HER to pieces too. She was so fun, our group meshed well with them. The cube class looks like our next journey to The Paper Tree and I am so looking forward to it!

After leaving the store with our awesome doodling designs, we went to WENDYS! Can I get a HELL YEAH!?!? Man, there is nothing like scrapping with my scrappiest scrapbook Sistah's and then eating a SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH A EXTRA LARGE FOUNTAIN TONIC and fries. YUMMY! I think the only time I shut up last night was when I was stuffing my face full of delish food! hehehe

My Layout - This was oh so much fun. We doodled with a template and then colored the doodle in with the best markers I have ever used. The Stampin' Up markers. I am going to get my paws on a set of those if it is the last thing I do. I fell in LOVE! Then we inked the off white cs with a beautiful BG flourish stamp. We used Tim Holtz ink. Too make it have a soft look we stamped it on scrap paper first then we added it to our card stock. What a great technique. To make the adorable flowers we used two sets of punches and layered them and then added a ROBINS NEST pebble. I finished putting this all together this morning and added some bling to the hearts I layered as well as to the tips of the flourishes. After seeing the papers we I knew I was a TWO SCOOPS BG gal. I knew just which picture of Alicia I would use for this. I took this picture of Alicia. This was her FIRST DAY of dancing school she was 13 months old. I love this picture. Everyone in the family had to have a copy!

Sharon taught me to look at layouts through the art of photo. Taking pics from different angles shows the detail in the pages. Thanks SHAZAM for the inspiration! I am hooked on doing just this now! You can see I used a lot of pop dots and pop squares to raise the entire layout! Even the off white paper is raised.
Slits were cut in the doodled flourishes to give it a 3d feel and slide the picture in. I love how this came out. The two doodled flourishes in the corner were cut out after I traced them and placed on the corners. These were suppose to be for another project but I decided I wanted them on this layout! I will cut more out with my template we got as part of the class. I love it. Well there you have it. Looking forward to many more outings with my scrappy pals for cool classes and fun! xoxoxoxo Love to all, Scrap Happy Nicole. PS - see you gals Sunday for the Close to my Heart party! We are making a card as a make & take.


Jenn said...

Nicole!!! You always go the extra mile! I absolutely love what you did to give your page some pizazz! Now I have to go back and look at mine again! LOL

Scraphappynicole said...

CUT IT OUT! Yours is perfectly awesome the way it is!!! STOP being so flippin' hard on yourself!

Nichole said...


That photo of your little ballerina is to die for! I just wanna gobble her up she's so cute!

Your LO is fabulous. Just amazing. So sweet and sugar coated. I love the doodle techniques. I'm totally copying since I couldn't be there.

I miss you girls so much! I've decided to move back with or without Joe. :P LOLOL

Jenn said...

Woo-hoo!! Nichole is moving back! LOL
Seriously though, I've been thinking that a summer road trip might just be in order - anyone with me?!?

What's so funny? said...

(chanting) roadtrip,roadtrip,roadtrip! We'll have to rent an RV with all our scrap cases.

I loved this in class, and we were all secretly admiring it while you were shopping the store. But I love it even MORE with that fabulous photo in it.

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